Born out of our love of Dorset and it's crazy bunch of artisan producers, in June  2013 Arkadia Magazine developed it's own following.
The creative bunch that  followed told their friends and so on, until we had enough artistic, beautiful and a little zany editorial to keep the mag going for the last 8 years, in 2014 we moved into events, the first at Larmer Tree,
a huge successful weekend for all.
  We're now bringing to Dorset several festivals, weddings and artisan markets, large scale independent fairs, small artisan get togethers, networking events and a whole lot of other fun and quirky get togethers coming soon.
if you haven't been to one of our gatherings,
feel free to subscribe and we'll send you an update to all that goes
in SCFE Towers.  
 Have fun in your worlds and we hope to see you in the midst of things!